MTG Cord Marathon Training Update

mtg cord marathon

We have all been busy training for the Marathon in a day on 15 November and are not feeling quite so scared any longer (I may be the exception to that!).  26.2 miles is a long way……I have discovered……having run a maximum distance in training of 6.2 miles!

So far training has included strength training will Jillian Michaels, sadly not in person, road running, climbing Snowdon, Taekwondo classes, yoga, kickboxing and most importantly of all, positive thinking.

I have only completed 4 runs in the last year, the first being about a month ago.  I started with 3 miles and had to stop about 3 times on the way around.  I then re-ran that same route a few days later and managed to complete it without stopping.  The next hurdle was 4 miles and again, no stopping and I felt I could give more.  This weekend was only the fourth run in a month and I am up to 6.2 miles and again, I had more left to give.

The trick is to think positively.  When I start running I feel that my lungs could explode after about 10 minutes but the key is to push past that and carry on and think of something else.  I often find planning the logisitics of the run in November helps.  Before you know it, your breathing has slowed to a normal rate and you have completed the best part of a mile.

This weekend I was running with my husband who will be part of team MTG on the 15 November.  I said that I felt my legs were running and my body was along for the ride.  I found it harder to stop and was determined to just keep going.  We were back to our starting point in just under an hour feeling optimistic and ready for our next challenge.

Toni Sharp

MTG Cord Marathon Training Update
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