South African Winelands

With so many wines to taste, the red and blue wine trams have to be the best way to experience the winelands.  Head to Franschhoek where you can pick up either of these trams, both of which take you to 7 vineyards in one day allowing you to enjoy the wines without the worry of getting back to you hotel.  We would advise staying 2 nights here so you can sample at least one, if not both of these routes.  It is only 45 minutes north of Cape Town and so a day trip is possible but ensure you have a designated driver!

Each tour costs about £13 and includes two complimentary wine tastings at select wine estates.  Each tasting consists of 2 to 3 samples of wine.  There are also lots of activities that you can take part in at each estate from horseback riding, chocolate pairing, olive oil tasting, picnics, a spa experience, boules, a jungle gym, cheese platters etc.  This isn’t just about the wine, it’s about the experience.

On the blue line the first stop is Mont Rochelle, Sir Richard Branson’s estate, and the line ends with Grande Provence, an estate dating back to 1694.  The red line stops at Leopard’s Leap (we’ve tasted the wine already and it’s a favourite of ours) and also takes in Grande Provence at the end, overlapping with the blue tour.

Franschhoek is a popular place to visit not only because of the wine trams but because it is where many of the country’s best restaurants are viewed to be located including one which is deemed to be within the global top 50.  It is also a very pretty place with a very good selection of beautiful hotels.

South African Winelands
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