A few fun things to do in San Francisco


A visit to Alcatraz is a must if you’re in San Francisco.  It is well known for being the prison island but you will also discover more about its history whilst enjoying terrific views.  You can order your tickets up to 90 days in advance and our advice is to make full use of this 90 day period as tickets sell out FAST!

See the real San Francisco

Head to Richmond District (north of Golden Gate Park) and take a walk on Clement Street between 2nd and 12th Avenue.  If you want to head South of Golden Gate Park try Sunset District and walk around 9th Avenue and Irving Street.  Don’t miss 16th Avenue Staircase – 163 steps of mosaic tiles.

Noe Valley isn’t far away and you can enjoy 24th Street and if you have a car, drive around Noe Valley to see some great Victorian architecture.  Also, here you’re not far away from Twin Peaks where you can get a great view of the city and don’t forget to try the Seward Street Slides!!

You may take a liking to Chestnut Street in the Marina District and then decide to take a walk along the Marina Green at Marina Boulevard; it’s an easy walk with spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge and hills.

Golden Gate Bridge

The 9th longest suspension bridge in the world opened in May 1937, connecting San Francisco to other Californian counties.  Contrary to belief, Golden Gate Bridge is not painted end to end each year but it is an on-going task to maintain it.  You can drive along the bride (toll payable), walk along it, cycle the bridge or admire it from a distance to try and emulate many a famous photo.  To cross the bridge and come back again it will take roughly 40 minutes at a reasonable pace without stopping often to take snaps.

Try one of the world’s weirdest restaurants

Tonga Room – complete with its own indoor hurricane!

Urban Putt – a combination of indoor mini golf with a bar and also a full restaurant

Radio Habana Social Club – a hidden gem packed with interesting décor and good honest food

Pier 39

Pier 39 is a bustling tourist hotspot full of entertainment for families and shops for those who like to take home a few souvenirs.  However, the real draw here is K-Dock: home to hundreds of sea lions.  It’s free to visit and you can catch them sunbathing at most points throughout the day.  The sea lions like to take a holiday too and so if you want to see a house full, visit from late July to early May.

A few fun things to do in San Francisco
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