The Ritz-Carlton Abama

The Moorish red palace-like Ritz-Carlton Abama stands tall on the hills outside Costa Adeje.  Flanked by a pristine golf course and banana plants it takes its dominant stance and exudes luxury.  A powerful statement hotel where everything you experience delivers on that promise and where every need is tended to.

Red Moorish buildings of the Abama Hotel centred around a tropical garden and pond filled with carp with the deep blue sea in the background.  You can just about see La Gomera in the slight haze.

Upon arrival you will be warmly welcomed with a glass of champagne, its cool and rich bubbles setting the tone of what is to follow.  This extensive hotel is big on seamless service with the staff knowing what you want before realise it yourself!

The villas are located nearest to the adult pool and beach with access to El Mirador restaurant for breakfast.  Start the day sitting out on the deck drinking in endless sea views and tucking into fluffy snow dusted pancakes!

The seven pools within the hotel’s grounds afford each guest their own space. For example, there is a family friendly pool for inflatables and a private pool at Tagor’ Villas offering a VIP haven. If you prefer the beach, choose your transport to the soft specks of gold below. Take the zig zag walk down, the mini train or small funicular. Wherever you choose to relax, the attendants will look after your needs, even providing sun lotion!

You will not struggle to find a quiet spot with an abundance of choice for lunch.  Try the garlic prawns followed by the churros at the Club House, the Mediterranean quinoa salad at the Beach Club, or the Mirador salad at El Mirador.  All have beautiful views out to sea and offer shaded spots.

The gym is well equipped with an outdoor cycling hub and battle ropes for those who can brave the heat.  For spa loving guests, the Abama’s extensive facilities will satisfy your needs. They include an impressive water circuit, a relaxation garden, boutique manicure and pedicure room, cold cabin and hammam.  Children are welcomed and well looked after at this hotel with extensive facilities including a large garden, a games and cinema area. As a result, children will not get bored, even if the clouds do turn a little grey!

Our villa was front line offering clear sight of the vast ocean view. Catching the late afternoon sun on the balcony whilst enjoying a glass of cool cava is the perfect way to end the day.  When it’s time to get ready, take a little longer to indulge in a bath enclosed by Moroccan style shutters. You will also want to invest in the gorgeous Asprey toiletries provided once home.

Bathroom at the Ritz-Carlton Abama with large mirror, double sinks, neatly folded plush white towels and a reflection of the fluffy white dressing gown.
Bedroom of one of the villa rooms at the Ritz-Carlton Abama with a large bed, chaise lounge and doors opening onto the balcony with the sun streaming through creating a white light within the picture.

When the sun falls, this pretty palace comes gently to life opening Pandora’s box of culinary delights. This hotel most certainly offers travel for your taste buds serving food from around the world across 10 different restaurants.  With two Michelin starred restaurants on site (one has two Michelin Stars) you will not have to travel far to enjoy some incredible dishes. Try Kabuki which is set above the hotel near the Club House.  Its sweeping views down to the sea with the hotel almost silhouetted in the distance is a satisfying vision to drink in.  Enjoy beautiful sunsets, imaginative cocktails and a perfectly formed tasting menu.  You will be guaranteed to find service to complement the food and take home memories to feast on for years to come.

Sunset from Kabuki at the Ritz-Carlton Abama in Tenerife.  Tropical grounds with palm tress and the gold course immediately in front with the hotel down the hill in the mid distance and the sea in the background.  The sun is a golden ball of light shining down onto the ocean.

So to give you even more of a taste of this wonderful hotel, We have put together a very short video.

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The Ritz-Carlton Abama

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