Myth busting: why you should consider using a travel agent

There are lots of challenges I face as a travel agent working in a small village and without a shop window! I hear lots of ‘myths’ from potential customers who are concerned about booking a holiday with a travel agent. I hope this article quashes just a few.

“A package holiday isn’t for us”

An image which shows the following text: Did you know that a package holiday can be more than a week in Benidorm?  It can be a worldwide adventure at hostels or boutique hotels and around the world flights.

“We don’t want to go on a package holiday like everyone else”. Package holidays are often associated with a week in the sun surrounded by Brits abroad. This is so 90s and very much an outdated reality of what a package holiday actually is today!

The beauty of what I do is that I can book almost anything, even when it appears not to exist. All ‘packaging’ means is booking different elements of a trip together under one nice neat ATOL. This means that you are financially protected and have someone to turn to if things didn’t go to plan. I can be far more flexible with what I can offer compared to a high street agent. Also, I am far more reliable and much easier to contact than a large online booking agency’s call centre.

“I don’t have a budget”

An image which shows the following text: Did you know there is a reason why a travel agent will ask you what your budget is?

I promise I am not judging you based on how much or little you perceive your budget to be. What you think may be a little I could think is a lot.

If I don’t have a budget, I am having to do a lot of guess work. It’s like playing eye spy without having the ‘something beginning with…..’ part! No-one goes house hunting without a budget and it’s the same with a holiday; there is always an upper limit on what you are willing to or can spend.

I ask because it makes my job easier and it saves me time if I know what to search for. It also stops you from thinking I am too expensive or too cheap. It means you get what you are searching for far more quickly 🙂

I love finding trips for all budgets. I once found a South African garden route and safari trip for just over £1,500 pp and another for £10,000 pp. Imagine you had £10,000 to spend and with it, high expectations, but because you didn’t give me a budget I came back with the £1,500 option. You may think I am incapable of finding a luxury option for you. Likewise, if I gave you the £10,000 option and you had £1,500, you would think I am incapable of finding a more figure friendly option.

People fear if I have a budget I am going to stretch it to the max. I may well go up to the budget, over this or below it to give you some options. Tell me what hotels you have stayed in before and liked, what facilities are key to have and what you will not compromise on and I will find options within and around your budget. It’s then down to you to decide what is most important.

“I like planning my own travel”

An image which shows the following text: Did you know that once you have planned your holiday you can come to me to see if I can beat the price and save you some money?

“I love planning my own holidays and so never use a travel agent”……….YOU ARE MY FAVOURITE CUSTOMER IN WAITING!!

If you love doing the research, it will not cost you a penny to come to me with your findings. I will then price check this for you and pop it into a lovely protective package. I am happy because you have done the lion’s share of the work. You are happy because you have exactly what you want at a great price, will receive extra advice you may not have thought about and most importantly, you have peace of mind. YOU ARE NOT WASTING MY TIME if you did not go ahead and book…….this is my job 🙂

Myth busting: why you should consider using a travel agent
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