“Are you ATOL and ABTA protected?”

Perhaps now one of the most commonly asked questions I receive when booking a holiday. Most of those who ask me will probably not understand what Atol or Abta even is but they know they need to ask it and when I say “yes” it’s a big tick and they can move on despite having […]

Are airport lounges worth it?

When I started my travels, airport lounges were for business and first class passengers. Nowadays, anyone can access an airport lounge but are they worth the extra money? What do you want from it? Having stepped foot into my first lounge almost 6 years ago, I would say yes, almost every time. I would always […]

Myth busting: why you should consider using a travel agent

There are lots of challenges I face as a travel agent working in a small village and without a shop window! I hear lots of ‘myths’ from potential customers who are concerned about booking a holiday with a travel agent. I hope this article quashes just a few. “A package holiday isn’t for us” “We […]

What NOT to wear on a long haul flight………

I have a problem when I fly……what to wear.  I want to be comfortable but stylish without being too over the top.  We all know those sorts of outfits are the worst to put together and I always leave thinking I have it right but later find my new flat (sensible!) ankle strap (didn’t think […]

How to pack light and avoid checking in your case

When you are heading off for a short break, you don’t want to be taking a lot of luggage with you, especially as this is likely to lead to pricey checked luggage charges.  I am terrible for taking too much with me and no matter how hard I try to scale my luggage down, it’s […]

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