Helpful Holiday Hints

Below you will find some helpful holiday hints which may come in handy for your very own trip.


  • Are you travelling to a country within the European Economic Area? If so, make sure you get your EHIC card before you travel. This will entitle you to reduced or even free medical treatment abroad. DO NOT PAY FOR AN EHIC CARD! These cards are free and can be obtained via the NHS.
  • If you have an EHIC card, check the expiry date.  They do not last forever and you do not want to find that yours has expired when you need it.

Travel Money

  • When abroad and paying by credit card, always pay in the currency of the country you are visiting.
  • Martin Lewis became so frustrated with trying to find the best exchange rates (without the marketing spin!) that he built his own brilliant website to help you find the best rates quickly.

What to pack?

  • How many pairs of shoes do you really need?  More importantly, what is your weight limit?  Can you get away with just hand luggage for that 3 night break?  How about just checking in one case per couple for that week away?  Off on a stag or hen do?  How about taking only hand luggage and then checking in one bag for your toiletries if they are over the 100ml limit?  Our ‘What to pack’ list may assist!
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