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Milford Sound

Believed to have been discovered more than a 1,000 years ago by Maori, Milford Sound is New Zealand’s wettest inhabited place and one of the most known and beautiful fiords.  Despite its popularity, it is still a wonderfully calm place to visit.  The Sound actually received its name from John Grono, the first European settler […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Cruising

Cruising offers a unique and exciting way to explore the world, providing a luxurious and comfortable holiday experience. For those embarking on their first cruise adventure, the prospect might seem a bit overwhelming. Fear not! This beginner’s guide is here to navigate you through the ins and outs of cruising, ensuring that your maiden voyage […]

Covid testing in Madeira

Arriving into Madeira, it took around one hour from landing to leaving taking into account that we required a covid test on arrival. We cleared passport control, collected our bags and then headed through temperature screening (although you can’t see this). Then the queue splits into two: green or blue. Green is for those who […]

“Are you ATOL and ABTA protected?”

Perhaps now one of the most commonly asked questions I receive when booking a holiday. Most of those who ask me will probably not understand what Atol or Abta even is but they know they need to ask it and when I say “yes” it’s a big tick and they can move on despite having […]

Are airport lounges worth it?

When I started my travels, airport lounges were for business and first class passengers. Nowadays, anyone can access an airport lounge but are they worth the extra money? What do you want from it? Having stepped foot into my first lounge almost 6 years ago, I would say yes, almost every time. I would always […]

24 Hours in Amsterdam

You don’t need months, weeks or even days to explore a city. Sometimes you can get what you need from just 24 little hours! The Journey We escaped from work early to get to the airport to start our adventure. Our flight arrived mid evening into Amsterdam. After what seemed like a marathon distance walk […]

A brief guide to St Lucia

Stepping off the plane and hitting that comforting warm wall of heat and seeing tropical plants bursting from the hills, you know the week ahead in the Caribbean sunshine is going to be just what you need.  Whether that’s an adventure soaring through the treetops, beach time, partying at the jump up or tasting endless […]

Myth busting: why you should consider using a travel agent

There are lots of challenges I face as a travel agent working in a small village and without a shop window! I hear lots of ‘myths’ from potential customers who are concerned about booking a holiday with a travel agent. I hope this article quashes just a few. “A package holiday isn’t for us” “We […]

The Ritz-Carlton Abama

The Moorish red palace-like Ritz-Carlton Abama stands tall on the hills outside Costa Adeje.  Flanked by a pristine golf course and banana plants it takes its dominant stance and exudes luxury.  A powerful statement hotel where everything you experience delivers on that promise and where every need is tended to. Upon arrival you will be […]

Why book with me?

Service, service and service! Booking travel purely on a point of cost is fine until something goes wrong and then good service is king. If you’ve paid rock bottom for your trip, often there is little left in the budget for that expected service. Not only can I offer you a competitive price but why […]

The Beauty of Bequia

There are specks of paradise in this world which become havens of tranquility, where our souls can truly rest and escape reality. There are places where we feel part of the family from the moment we step foot inside. A place where you get to sit under the stars watching movies you grew up with […]

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